Sutter Pub &  Restaurant

700 Sutter Street   San Francisco, CA 94109    415- 400-5840 

Sutter Pub &  Restaurant

700 Sutter Street

 San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) 400-5840​ 

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“I've ordered from here quite a few times already and they are always consistently good, and timely delivery as well… …I ordered a veggie burger it was good…  They also make a killer eggs florentine.”

–Samantha (Source GrubHub)

 “Jalapeno burger was awesome! Jalapenos are battered and fried. You can see whole peppers in the chipotle mayo. It isn't super spicy, but tastes great. Garlic fries are just seasoned with flecks of green, no real garlic, also underfried. …The delivery guy was the best…”

– Kassandra (Source GrubHub)

“Standard greasy spoon fare: salty, fatty, comforting. Arrived ~15 minutes early. I highly recommend the homemade corned beef hash.The delivery guy was so sweet too! ” – Denise (Source GrubHub)

“…I love it for delivery and for dine in. I would recommend that you try …  … on certain days/special events the service is going to be slow/the delivery will take longer, but OMG it's so worth it. … I LOVE their chicken tenders and sliders, pure heaven. I always order double so I can heat them up the next day, THEIR FOOD IS THAT GOOD. ;)”

- Michael H. (Source Yelp)


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